Yaupon is packed with theobromine, aka: "the bliss molecule" found in dark chocolate, which not only enhances mood, it is also excellent in treating high blood pressure. Yaupon is caffeinated but offers a smooth, clear-headed finish rather than the more pronounced, dull and often sluggish feeling experienced as coffee wears off in the body.

Yaupon lacks the signature bitterness typically found in alkaloids and has a slightly sweet aftertaste, doesn't give you bad breath like coffee and even helps to fight tooth decay! So what are you waiting for? Take a walk on the wild side and give yaupon a try-- you'll be glad you did!

 Based in sunny Los Angeles, Shaman's Honor seeks to serve as a gateway between yaupon's rich tradition as an indigenous American brew and it's future as a major player on the 21st century beverage market.

We are so proud of our product and are committed to only sourcing our yaupon through family-owned and operated, environmentally sustainable farms. In spite of mounting pressures, these growers have chosen to remain ethically uncompromised, non-corporate agriculturalists. We are honored to do our part in aiding their efforts.

To our customers: THANK YOU for your support!



Despite its smooth flavor, the plant was given the less appetizing Latin name of ilex vomitoria. It earned this name when southeastern indigenous peoples used the leaves and stems to brew a tea, commonly called asi or black drink for male-only purification and unity rituals.

Some indigenous asi ceremonies included vomiting which caused Europeans to incorrectly believe that ilex vomitoria (the delicious green tea leaves) caused it, when it was actually the bright red berries of the plant, which are indigestible to humans. 



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