What's Yaupon?

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Yaupon tea is made from the dried and cured leaves of the yaupon holly tree. It can be prepared hot or cold and is the only caffeinated plant indigenous to North American soil. Yaupon contains approximately 85% of the caffeine as coffee and 40% more antioxidant value than green tea! The taste is rich, creamy, satisfying and absolutely delicious! Unlike coffee which offers a caffeine energy spike followed by a not-so-pleasant come down, yaupon offers a caffeine boost but with a gentle, clearheaded finish and savory aftertaste; There is also no bad breath after the brew is imbibed.


         Growing Region

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Yaupon grows in the United States from Maryland south to Florida and west to Oklahoma and Texas. It generally flourishes in coastal areas in well-drained sandy soils, and can be found on the upper edges of brackish and salt marshes, sandy hammocks, coastal sand dunes, inner-dune depressions, sandhills, maritime forests, nontidal forested wetlands, well-drained forests and pine flatwoods.